almost a week on the cleanse and i feel really great.  it wasn’t easy.  lots of emotions, hopelessness, exhaustion, strange dreams, etc.  but that’s all part of the cleanse.  i ended the cleanse yesterday because i had a concert.  my voice is really reaping the benefits of no coffee and so much water.  it was some of my best work.  woo hoo!

now, how to continue the cleanse without living like a monk:

1. smoothie every morning.

2. tea some days, coffee some days, ALWAYS decaf.

3. limit drinking wine to just a few glasses per week.

4. keep drinking all this water.  it’s awesome!

5. cook this wonderful fresh food as much as possible.

6. and try to keep the 12-hour window going.  12 hours of no food, from night till morning.

i hope to continue to post some great recipes on this journey!




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