slow cooker oats…overnight.

well, clearly, i’m having a hard time writing anything interesting, or posting any good recipes.  all i can do is change the appearance of my blog.  this is 100% symbolic of how i’m feeling lately:  completely empty of content…merely changing clothes from day to day.  that’s it. i have been making some healthy, good meals, though.  the other day, i made my first SLOW COOKER … Continue reading slow cooker oats…overnight.

lemony honey-mustard vinaigrette.

this is the first day in FOREVER that i’ve actually gotten a little bored.  it feels SO good.  i think some serious healing has occurred, all because i’ve felt bored for 5 minutes! but that’s beside the point… i posted this dressing a few weeks ago, only with ginger and lime.  but thought i’d post it in the more simple form in which i’ve been … Continue reading lemony honey-mustard vinaigrette.

south of the border salad ~ with a special guest.

i think i found the answer to a truly satisfying, delicious salad. POTATOES. not very many ~ just a few tiny ones in there with some onions and a bean of your choice, sauteed in a pan.  mix it up with your cold ingredients and and pour on the dressing.  SO GOOD. here’s the recipe i just made: SALAD: hot stuff: add some chopped onion, … Continue reading south of the border salad ~ with a special guest.