it’s been a few weeks since i went on that cleanse.  i was on it for 5 days and am really glad i went on it.  of course, it would have been much more beneficial if i had stuck with it for 21 days. but i actually would like to stick with it forever.

i want to continue this behavior:

1. smoothies in the morning.  if you do not like breakfast, or aren’t hungry in the morning, or just don’t have time for breakfast, the smoothie is the answer.  you can prep everything in the blender the night before, and simply blend in the morning and take it with you.  you can throw your probiotic pill in there too, and your multi-vitamin, if you keep forgetting to take it.  it’s a great and VERY filling start to the day.  lunch becomes less of a panic-stuff-your-face moment, because the smoothie takes all morning for me to finish.

2. tons ‘o water.  honestly, i think you need a system.  like an 80-ounce jug filled with lemon slices and ice, and take it with you so you have it all day, until the water is gone.  something like that.  i don’t do well every day, but i hope to continue perfecting my skills of drinking.

3. no caffeine.  can’t believe it, but no more caffeine for me.  i’m drinking decaf coffee, and trying to choose tea more often.

4. only alcohol on the weekends.  mainly just wine, and lately, i haven’t been all that good at this rule.  but i will continue to try.

5. cooking veggies and lean meat, and eating out very little, but choosing great stuff when i do eat out.

6. continuing my workout regimen.

7. there’s one more detox/cleanse behavior that i cannot seem to do: stop stressing.  stop begin negative and feeling hopeless and overwhelmed.  just live and enjoy your life and don’t worry about your sun spots or your waist line.  just be happy.



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