lemony honey-mustard vinaigrette.

this is the first day in FOREVER that i’ve actually gotten a little bored.  it feels SO good.  i think some serious healing has occurred, all because i’ve felt bored for 5 minutes!

but that’s beside the point…

i posted this dressing a few weeks ago, only with ginger and lime.  but thought i’d post it in the more simple form in which i’ve been making it ever since.  it’s my favorite dressing.  so clean, so healthy, so simple.  no need for a blender or food processor.  just a whisk!


3 T honey

3 T lemon juice

2 T olive oil

1 T dijon

salt and pepper

that’s for several servings, or a big salad.  it’s like a cocktail:  don’t measure it.  just put in as much honey (or agave nectar) as lemon juice.  you only need a little bit of oil.  the honey and dijon mustard do all the work!

if you have fresh herbs, add them!

if you want to add garlic, do it!

add a dash of soy sauce and it gives it depth.

stone ground mustard makes it have texture.

add a dash of half and half and you get a nice creaminess!

the original recipe calls for fresh grated ginger.  my personal fave addition.

there’s nothing surprising and new about these ingredients.  it’s the ratios that made all the difference.  if using that much honey instead of olive oil is bad for us, i don’t wanna be good!!!


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