pineapple rice dish.

this rice dish is so incredible.  it’s very hard for me to only eat one plateful.


rub the following with olive oil and a pinch of salt, and roast on a cookie sheet, in a 400 degree oven:

some gorgeous fresh pineapple

poblano peppers, whole

half of a red onion, quartered

a couple ears of corn

half of a red pepper

meanwhile, in a dutch oven, sautee some garlic in a olive oil, then add a cup of wild rice, and toast for a few minutes.  add some miso paste/2 cups water, or two cups veggie stock, cover and simmer for however long it says on the rice package.  you know the drill.

when the rice is done, add the following:

soy sauce, vinegar of some kind, a little olive oil, grated fresh ginger, fresh cilantro, sesame seeds, and all of those yummy roasted vegetables, all diced up.

add a little water, if you need to put it in a hot oven and wait for a husband who is almost two hours late.  poor guy.  he must be starvin’.

when you serve, top with blackened shrimp, or chicken or sausage or nothing.

i really love this dish.  i feel healthy when i eat it, but it’s probably really high in calories, since i put so many different things in there.  you know how that goes.

i served it (to myself, so far ~ he’s still not home) with a simple ceviche, which i will definitely do more often!  here it is!


the key to the simple ceviche is frozen shrimp that is already cooked.  woot woot!

here are the ingredients (all chopped):



some of that leftover pineapple

red onion

red pepper


a ton of lime juice!


salt and pepper


and let it get married and go on a honeymoon in the fridge.

two great recipes!!


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