slow cooker oats…overnight.

well, clearly, i’m having a hard time writing anything interesting, or posting any good recipes.  all i can do is change the appearance of my blog.  this is 100% symbolic of how i’m feeling lately:  completely empty of content…merely changing clothes from day to day.  that’s it.

i have been making some healthy, good meals, though.  the other day, i made my first SLOW COOKER OATMEAL.  it cooked overnight and filled the whole apartment with the most wonderful aroma.  here’s how:


spray the slow cooker with cooking spray.

add 1 cup steel cut oats, 2 cups almond milk, 1 cup water.  

everything else is optional:  ground flaxseed, cinnamon, vanilla flavoring, any kind of fruit (i added three peaches from my organic food box), or add dried fruit instead of fresh fruit, brown sugar or maple syrup, etc.

you can also add in the softer fruits, like blueberries, at the end and just stir them in.

this cooks on low all night.  7 hours?  i sleep longer than that, but it still was amazing.  

i ate some that morning, and put the rest in the fridge.  it makes a lot, so you can eat it all week.  

you can also top it with sliced almonds or whatever.  you get the idea.  it’s a good one!  lower that cholesterol, america!!!

it’s very hard to keep eating right and keep going to the gym, when you’re not seeing any results physically.  but i will continue.  i will press on, and hope for even the slightest change.

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