granola project: fall 2013.

a while back, i had a little catering biz.  just for my hard-working friends who couldn’t get away at lunch.  i delivered 3 healthy meals, 2 snacks and a dessert to their place of work every tuesday, and they spent the rest of the week eating healthy, homemade food, feeling treated and nourished.  and i had a BLAST. i called the little business PIXY’S KITCHEN. … Continue reading granola project: fall 2013.

quick salad idea ~ all in the prep!

how do you make salad at home?  do you wash and dry your lettuce, then dress and add chopped veggies each time?  that can take time and dirty up your kitchen pretty fast. how about this idea… wash and cut your lettuce, spin it in a salad spinner, then just leave it in the fridge, ready to go. then, take all your veggies of choice, … Continue reading quick salad idea ~ all in the prep!

savory/sweet granola.

a while back, i made a salad with candied pecans on top.  to make the pecans, i used a seasoning salt (jack stack seasoning, to be exact) and mixed it with cinnamon.  those pecans were HEAVENLY. so i thought i’d make a granola version of that.  it’s still in the oven, and smelling like some exotic indian bakery.  i can’t quite describe the amazing smell. … Continue reading savory/sweet granola.

cottage cheese.

don’t forget about cottage cheese!  all this craze about greek yogurt, which is marvelous.  but cottage cheese is SO good for you!  and you can add a few ingredients and you have a really filling and satisfying treat. i like to take a container of low-fat cottage cheese, and add the following: tomatoes (my favorite) green onion green pepper (this is the only way i … Continue reading cottage cheese.

my favorite chili recipe.

i absolutely love this recipe.  i make it all the time and it never disappoints.  you can mess with the ingredients and levels, of course, if you like thick or thin chili, meaty or full of veggies.  it’s so fresh looking and tasting, and freezes beautifully. BLACK BEAN CHILI (this is basically rachael ray’s recipe for black bean “stoup”, with some of my own additions) … Continue reading my favorite chili recipe.