my favorite chili recipe.

i absolutely love this recipe.  i make it all the time and it never disappoints.  you can mess with the ingredients and levels, of course, if you like thick or thin chili, meaty or full of veggies.  it’s so fresh looking and tasting, and freezes beautifully.

BLACK BEAN CHILI (this is basically rachael ray’s recipe for black bean “stoup”, with some of my own additions)

brown some ground chicken or turkey in a dash of olive oil and S&P.

then add some worcestershire sauce.  this gives it the color flavor of beef, in my opinion.

add a few cloves of garlic and an onion.

add two bell peppers (lots of pepper makes this so beautiful and healthy!)

add two seeded jalapenos.  that “n” needs a tilde!  how do you add one of those?  jalapenYOs!!!  🙂

add any other veggies you want to get rid of ~ i add some carrots last night.

now add all the seasonings:

these are my favorite to-date ~ salt and pepper, cumin, chili powder, cinnamon.  you only need a pinch of that cinnamon and it just makes the whole dish SING.

now for the liquids:

a little wine, to deglaze the pot, if you’d like.  then throw in the following:  a can of beef or veggie broth, a large can of tomatoes with the juice, half of a can of tomato paste,  and some balsamic vinegar or more worcestershire (did you know that the correct pronunciation for worcestershire is WOR-STER-SHER?  the ce and st become one.  sorry.  i’m such a geek about pronunciation!

now for the BEANS!!!

canned black beans, drained and rinsed.  i like to do at least two cans.  love beans.  last night i also added a can of red kidney beans.  so, so good.

simmer on the stove until it smells so good that you can’t take it anymore.  add a squeeze of lime juice and the chopped up stems of cilantro.  then add some chopped cilantro leaves.  but those stems really stand up to the fridge or freezer.

last night i shaved sharp white cheddar over ours and it was so good.  of course, that makes it a little less healthy!  but worth it.  totally worth it.

hope you try this recipe this fall.

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