cottage cheese.

don’t forget about cottage cheese!  all this craze about greek yogurt, which is marvelous.  but cottage cheese is SO good for you!  and you can add a few ingredients and you have a really filling and satisfying treat.

i like to take a container of low-fat cottage cheese, and add the following:

tomatoes (my favorite)

green onion

green pepper (this is the only way i really like green pepper.  it is amazing with cottage cheese!)


dill and basil, and S&P

i have this salad dressing mix that i first discovered in germany ~ it’s so good.  if you can find this stuff, here’s what it looks like:


i don’t know what’s in it, but you can simply add water and olive oil and it’s an amazing salad dressing.  for cottage cheese, i just sprinkle a little on it and stir it in.  so yummy.

all i’m saying is:  DON’T FORGET COTTAGE CHEESE!

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