it’s fall here in kansas city, and no one, i tell you, NO ONE, loves fall as much as i do.  i’m sure vermont is a wondrous sight to behold in the fall, but kansas city is where i want to be when the leaves turn.

i’m not a person who brags, and if i do, i’m usually kidding.  but i’m serious when i say that i have the best birthday month EVER.  october 9 is my b-day and i’m going to be 40 years old.  as the skit goes on saturday night live, “i can kick…and stretch…and kick…”  i’m very excited for the big 4. 0. and i’m ready to celebrate!!

october is a glorious month, and i plan to spend my 40th october eating delicious foods, baking like a woman-possessed, spending some more time outside than i usually do, and really soaking it all up and taking it all in.  it’s my busiest time of year, but all the work is not going to keep me from sipping my decaf lattes a little slower, and catching as many fall festivals as time will allow.

my girlfriend, amy, lived in vienna for a few years, and i remember her telling me about this pumpkin soup that you make inside the pumpkin!  i’ll get that recipe and make sure to share it with all of you.  i’m also dying to try martha stewart’s pear tarts:  you simmer a whole pear in wine and spices, and wrap the whole thing in pastry and bake.  it looks so beautiful.  gotta try that!

i’m still tweaking my granola project as well.  the nut mix is heavenly.  but the granola needs another try.  i watched ina garten make granola with hazelnuts and honey.  i might need to add those to the mix and see what happens.  in the meantime, i gotta figure out where to put all these little to-go boxes!  yikes!

lastly, there’s a possibility that i will be making thanksgiving dinner this year for my family!!  i can’t believe it!  if it works out, i will be SO EXCITED.  i have so many ideas i’ve been collecting over the last 20 years of being an adult, but never getting to host a holiday.  i will make sure to share the recipes i’ve decided to make!!!

i don’t know if anyone even reads this blog, but i really feel connected to the process.  i love the idea of chronicling recipes and food experiences, even if it’s just for myself.  the economy is too scary to start my own food biz right now, but blogging about my ideas at appeases that desire a little.

i hope if anyone is reading this, that you will let me know if you need some inspiration, or new recipes, or if you just want to say hi.  my goal is to blog every delicious recipe i make in october!

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  1. I love fall, too. My birthday is actually the last full day of fall (12/20)! I am excited for you to host Thanksgiving, bc I can’t wait to see the recipes. I’ve been experimenting with stuffing for years bc I love it every way! My family did not like the oyster version a few years back–lol! Mushroom is my favorite. But I’m always lacking when it comes to a green vegetable on the T-day table that’s not covered in goop, that stays warm easily, and that is refreshing compared to the other heavier sides. I’m also always wanting a jazzy version of cranberry sauce. Somewhat traditional, but … different (just no oysters!). Maybe w blueberries (I have a ton in the freezer) or would that just ruin it? Anyhow, can’t wait to read your fall food journey!

    1. Hi Jennifer! I love oyster stuffing! But I doubt any of my family would appreciate that either. ha! And I have some mushroom haters as well, which is very sad. I also have a vegan in the family, but that makes me happy because it’ll push us all to eat healthier that day.
      My mom has a great cranberry sauce, and I have a cranberry dip that has ginger in it. You dip it with pretzels and it is one of my all-time faves. Want the recipe? I can add it to an upcoming post!

  2. I read every single post!
    It’s never a scary time to start a food endeavor in KANSAS CITY? Hello? We LOVE to eat here, don’t wait if that’s what you want to do. Do it small like a food truck or at home like you were if you’re nervous. It’ll be great.
    I might be cooking Thanksgiving dinner and looking for things to do with sweet potatoes. Pretty sure I’m going to get a smoked turkey breast from Oklahoma Joe’s. Any other side option recommendations are also welcome.

    1. yes, i’ll make sure i put up all my thanksgiving possibilities and share them with you. ummm ~ that smoked turkey breast from oklahoma joe’s is a BILLIANT idea. i cannot imagine anything being more delicious…

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