happiness is a warm muffin.

it’s rainy and gross out.  and i don’t have to be a real person until 3:30!!!  so i emptied my fridge and am cooking and baking until i’ve made something great out of it all. so far, so good!  banana-date-walnut muffins, anyone? i think i’ll take them to church choir tonight. this is a gwyneth paltrow recipe, from her amazing book, IT’S ALL GOOD.  and is … Continue reading happiness is a warm muffin.

fresh apple mock-tini

or MARTINI, if you’d like!  i’ve tried this fall delight both ways, and i love it. FRESH APPLE MOCK-TINI here’s what you need: apple cider simple syrup (i used the cinnamon/vanilla/brown sugar infused simple syrup from my MOCKTAILS post) (add vodka or rum, if you’re going for a “leaded” drink!) shake with ice until very cold, and pour into a martini glass.  top with a … Continue reading fresh apple mock-tini