cabbage stew.

sometimes i create my own concoctions with no recipe.  it’s always a risk, but this soup really turned out incredible.  i will definitely make this again!


  • brown some onion, garlic and ground beef in some olive oil, in a dutch oven.  or leave out the beef for a vegetarian version.  add some caraway seeds, steak seasoning, and a little worcestershire sauce to this mix.
  • add carrots, one potato, a small head of cabbage, and salt and pepper. 
  • deglaze the pan with some white wine.  this is what makes it taste so luxurious.  
  • once the wine has cooked out mostly, add veggie stock until you’ve covered it all.  one of those paper containers of stock will do it.  or 4 cups.  
  • let simmer for awhile and add some fresh cracked pepper at the end.  
  • so easy and warm and delicious!  if you take out the ground beef, you’ll have an almost calorie-free soup!

i didn’t add a picture of this because, well, it looks like cabbage stew.  big deal.  but it makes the house smell so amazing.  the caraway seeds give you that nod to sauerkraut, and the white wine is divine.  you could also add stone ground mustard, or use beer instead of wine, if you’re really needing a german food fix!

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