i’m sure every one of you out there has thanksgiving already figured out.  you’re either traveling to the turkey, or preparing it in your own home.  and to those of you tofurkiers ~ here’s to you as well!!!

this thanksgiving is a big deal for me ~ for the first time, my family is coming to MY house, and i am preparing the dinner!  i am so excited, and have been planning for months, literally.  i’ve ordered an organic turkey from whole foods, and we’re going to try brining it, which sounds awesome.

i don’t want to bore you with all the details, so i will just list the menu.  if anything looks intriguing, just holler and i’ll post the recipe!

1st course:  pumpkin and acorn squash soup with cranberry chutney (i’m using pie pumpkins and acorn squash and serving the soup in them ~ nature’s cutest bowls ever!)

the feast:

turkey, brined in apple cider

mushroom gravy

cornbread dressing (made with vegan, gluten-free cornbread!)

mashed potatoes and cauliflower (made with veggie stock and olive oil.  i’ve tried this already and folks, mashed potatoes do NOT need butter.  they’re incredible with just olive oil!)

brussels sprout-leaf salad with roasted pumpkin seeds, oranges, honey vinaigrette (you take the leaves off the brussels sprouts and boil them for 1 minute or so, then shock them in ice water and spin them dry.  they make a really hearty salad)

maple-dijon roasted root vegetables (parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, oh my)

cranberry-orange sauce

rosemary-parmesan popovers!

okay, and i have one dish for my bacon-loving husband:  bacon-maple squash spaetzle

but the meal is mostly vegan and super clean.  i am so excited to see how i feel after this feast of clean choices!

my sister is bringing vegan pecan bars that i hear are magnificent.  can’t wait for that!

my mom is making her delicious pumpkin pie, and i am making cherry pixy pies!

does this sound like too much food?  I DON’T THINK SO!!!!  this is the super bowl for me!

6 thoughts on “thanksgiving!!!!

  1. Sounds yummy Sarah!

    I’m cooking for Daniel and my boss and his family (6 of us – EEK!); here’s what I’m doing to try and satisfy foodies and traditionalists:

    Oklahoma Joe’s smoked turkey breast (I’ll set it on a bed of kale surrounded by…)
    Roasted sweet potatoes with a moroccan seasoning
    Mashed potatoes and gravy
    Italian mixed salad
    Traditional stuffing
    Cranberry sauce (the weird stuff in the can) AND
    Cranberry, lemon, rosemary chutney
    Honey wheat rolls
    Pumpkin bundt cake w/cream cheese frosting
    Chocolate cake w/chocolate frosting

    Everything will be homemade except the turkey.

    The table will be covered in a rust/deep pumpkin tablecloth with the same colored pillar candles (hopefully) on wood disks and opaque, white dishes I inherited from my great Aunt Rosy – the sweetest woman to walk the earth.

    My guests are bringing beer and wine to share.

    Now I want to find a beautiful thanksgiving poem or prayer to read before we eat.

    Many blessings 🙂

  2. Dude this sounds AMAZING. We are traditionalists for Thanksgiving at my parents’ house and I do most of the cooking. The top dish is oyster casserole, hands down. And it is canned oysters, ritz crackers, butter, and half and half. Hahaha! Someday I want to come to YOUR Thanksgiving! Maple Bacon Spaetzle for the win!

  3. Ok. I can’ tau it thinking about the Brussels sprouts salad. Could you break it down for the needs a lot of help crowd?

    1. yes, i’d love to! i’ll post it next. it’s SO good, sharon. you’d love it. it’s kind of a tedious process, removing those leaves one by one. but you can mix them with lettuce or kale, just so you don’t have to do so many.
      posting soon! miss you!

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