mexi-italian israeli couscous.

yum yum yummmmm.  okay, so i figured a couple things tonight:  if you cook israeli couscous according to the package, and add a little water as it starts to dry out, kind of like you do with risotto?  oh man, it makes this creamy starchy thing that is divine! here’s what i did: MEXI-ITALIAN ISRAELI COUSCOUS throw the israeli couscous in with the water and … Continue reading mexi-italian israeli couscous.

first glorious week of PIXY’S GRANOLA.

i cannot BELIEVE how amazingly fun this has been so far!!!  sharon and susan campbell, you’ve got more granola coming your way!!!  and no need to charge shipping and handling ~ i’m having too much fun to nickel and dime you!  i just can’t believe how much everybody loves it!  YIPPEEEEEE!!! i also discovered another really healthy option that is even more delicious ~ molasses … Continue reading first glorious week of PIXY’S GRANOLA.

french onion and mushroom soup with thyme-parmesan croutons.

what could possibly be better than french onion soup?  with cheese melting over the top? french onion soup with mushrooms, AND thyme-parmesan croutons.  that’s what! and it’s so easy.  here’s how easy it is: caramelize 4 onions and a package of sliced mushrooms in 4 Tablespoons of butter, and 1 teaspoon of sugar mixed in.  keep it on medium low and stir it occasionally.  it … Continue reading french onion and mushroom soup with thyme-parmesan croutons.

frozen yogurt

my mother and i are doing “NO SUGAR JANUARY”.  wanna join us?  it doesn’t have to be super strict:  don’t worry if you have the occasional guest over and they bring apple pie (like our friends did last night).  but we’re talking everyday, mindless sugaring. we’re off baked goods, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, anything like that.  allowed:  honey, agave nectar, fruit, and for me, red … Continue reading frozen yogurt

happy 2014!!!! (roasted chicken n’ veggies)

it’s a new year, and i’m finally back in the kitchen!!!  and to top it all off, i have a new camera!!!  i’m about to test it out on some yummy-looking chicken and vegetables that are roasting in the oven.  the smell is heavenly, but alas, i can only share pictures. oh yeah, i can also share the recipe! it’s a pretty common formula:  chicken … Continue reading happy 2014!!!! (roasted chicken n’ veggies)