happy 2014!!!! (roasted chicken n’ veggies)

it’s a new year, and i’m finally back in the kitchen!!!  and to top it all off, i have a new camera!!!  i’m about to test it out on some yummy-looking chicken and vegetables that are roasting in the oven.  the smell is heavenly, but alas, i can only share pictures.

oh yeah, i can also share the recipe!

it’s a pretty common formula:  chicken rubbed with herbs and spices, surrounded by chunky, hearty vegetables.  easy enough!

i got THREE cookbooks for christmas this year!  think people are on to me?  i guess so.  this recipe is from giada’s latest cookbook, titled, “feel good food”.  she’s got some beautiful ideas in this book, and the roasted chicken looked amazing.  we’re on a bit of a detox after the holidays, and this sounded so healing.

here’s the recipe, with a few tweaks, of course.  up to my old tricks.



i bought four leg quarters of chicken instead of a whole chicken.  it was so much cheaper, and still “smart chicken”, so i think i’ll do that more often.

wash and pat dry your lovely chicken.

in a small bowl, mix together the following:  a little olive oil, a little softened butter (just a tablespoon of each will do), kosher salt, black pepper, chopped rosemary and thyme, minced garlic (one or two cloves), some lemon zest or juice, or both.  whatever you want.  mix thoroughly and rub all over the chicken, even under the skin if you can.

take the the rosemary sprigs that are left and place them under the leg quarters, with some chunks of lemon.  the lemon kind of elevates the chicken, which acts like a rack.  very cool.  

vegetables:  i LOVE parsnips.  so there are parsnips, potatoes, carrots, halved garlic, shallots (that’s giada’s idea ~ i probably would have just done a yellow onion, but i wanted to try it her way), and some butternut squash that was hiding in the back of my fridge.

toss the veggies in olive oil, salt and pepper, and more rosemary and thyme.  i also added some herbes de provence to it, because i like it so much.  

if you have a sweet tooth ~ add a little maple syrup to the fun.  so good.

lay the veggies around the chicken (i used two pans because i like a LOT of veggies).

pour some chicken stock mixed with white wine over the veggies and pop it all into the oven.  375 for 1 1/2 hours, or 400 if you have a whole chicken.  

your house will smell heavenly!!!!

oh, and you want your thermometer to read 160-165 degrees.  just in case you don’t know that…

i have a lot of italian flat-leaf parsley for some reason, so i think i’m going to cut some up and add them to the vegetables, just for a little freshy fresh.

half the stuff i post on here is food most of you already know how to make.  maybe with a few new ideas, but still.  i just want to remind you of the basics.  the good stuff.  this is health food.  this is nourishing.

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