lemony tabbouleh salad.

oh this is so refreshing and healthy, and pretty.  and other good words that make a snow day bright.

i don’t really get snow days ~ i’m self-employed.  but i like to act like it!

so today, i made pea and fennel soup ~ another delicious recipe from giada’s “feel good food” book.  and i would add that recipe to this blog, but i’m starting to feel bad about all the recipes i’m copying from this book.  you should just go buy this book.  it’s chock FULL of ideas.  and the pea soup is my favorite, so far.  frozen peas, shallots, fennel, and no cream or cheese at all.  nothing bad for you!!!!

even the hub loved it!

but i did make this one up, with no recipe.  it’s just tabbouleh salad.  but i’ve made it, and ordered it at restaurants, and have never really liked it.

here’s what i did this time:


make some couscous (according to the directions on the back of the package.  only takes 5 minutes!) use chicken or veggie stock, if you have it.

meanwhile, in a good-sized bowl, whisk the following together:

zest of one lemon

juice of said lemon

1 tablespoon olive oil

some kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper

a dash of nutmeg (gives it warmth and depth)

a dash or two of garam masala, if you have it.  i love this stuff.  might be worth checking it out.

whisk all that together and drop in some veggies, like:




sliced almonds

dried fruit

whatever you have!

add a little chicken or shrimp, or not.  add some feta, too, if you like that.

fluff the couscous and toss it in as well.

last thing:  the herbs!!!!

lots and lots of flat leaf parsley (that’s the italian stuff) and mint.  if you have anything else, add it.  i had some dill and chives and i chopped it up and threw it all in.  the more herbs, the better.

the main thing that made this so yummy this time was the extra lemon.  and i also loved the flat leaf parsley, versus the curly kind.

here’s another pretty picture with my awesome new camera!!!




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