granola for sale.

let me explain.

a few years ago, i had a catering biz.  i made food for some high school choir directors who never had time to eat a healthy lunch.  i made a week’s worth of food ~ all delivered to their schools at the beginning of the week.  everything was as healthy, natural, and fulfilling as possible.

it was SO MUCH FUN.  a lot of work, but i loved it.  i had no one to cook for, and i needed a project.

i had to quit for several reasons, and i still miss it.  but my life got a lot busier, and i had a hub to cook for, too.  the only thing i invested in was the to-go containers, and, unfortunately, i had to buy them in bulk.  i have about 500 to-go containers left.  which would be fine if we didn’t live in a one-bedroom loft with only two closets to speak of.  because they are so cute!  and really handy too.

SO, my goal is to sell granola until the containers are gone!!!

long story short?


i have only two flavors so far:  APPLE COBBLER and VERY BERRY.  chocolate is very soon to come.  and gluten-free is super easy.  done and done.

and i think this granola will ship nicely, too!  i’m using my friend sharon as a guinea pig.  she’s receiving her shipment in a few days.

if you are interested, just comment on this post and we can go from there.  i’m not trying to push my granola on you.  no pressure!  i’m just making it and selling it.  that’s all.

i feeling like i’m running a drug business!!!  ha ha ha.

well, if your drug is healthy snacking ~ i guess that’s true!

3 thoughts on “granola for sale.

  1. Hey I definitely want some – would it be too much trouble to ask you to post the ingredients of both kinds so we can make a choice? Love you Love your blog! 😉

  2. Oh my WORD. My Lanta. My Gracious Goodness. GRACIOUS GOODNESS!!! That’s what this granola is! Heavenly. Thank you so much, Sarah, for making me your guinea pig — happy squeaks of joy. I think for those of us to whom Sarah has to ship this, she needs to add a S/H fee. Of COURSE it’s worth it. I might not have any left after tomorrow. She sent one of each kind and left out pecans or walnuts for my lame allergic self.

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