mexi-italian israeli couscous.

yum yum yummmmm.  okay, so i figured a couple things tonight:  if you cook israeli couscous according to the package, and add a little water as it starts to dry out, kind of like you do with risotto?  oh man, it makes this creamy starchy thing that is divine!

here’s what i did:


  • throw the israeli couscous in with the water and bring it all to a boil with salt and some olive oil.  when it starts to stick to the bottom of the pan, pour in a little more water and turn off the heat.  it’ll get all creamy…


  • in a frying pan, heat up some olive oil and chop & drop in the following:
  • mushrooms (let these brown before you put anything else in)
  • garlic
  • sundried tomatoes
  • red pepper
  • grape tomatoes
  • chopped fresh spinach

you know what i always say ~ whatever you have in the fridge!

but this combo is mmm mmm good.

  • add some herbs and spices, like salt and pepper, crushed red pepper, oregano, blah blah blah.
  • turn off the heat and add a dash or two of red wine vinegar.  aaaagh.  when it hits the pan, it’s incredible.
  • throw in the couscous with its juicy starchy cream, and toss it all together.  now we’re cookin’!
  • last step:  i would have certainly added basil here, but all i had was cilantro.  this is an italian dish, so far!  what to do, what to do.  well, i added the cilantro and oh boy ~ i do not regret it!!!

it turns out italian ingredients and mexican ingredients can live together under the same roof!  this opens up a world of experimentation!!!!

next step ~ italian enchiladas!!!

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