savory cheddar-chive waffles.

warning:  this is not a healthy post!  i try to keep it all nice and healthy on here, but aww geez ~ it was valentine’s day.  i had to do something decadent!

last week, rachael ray had an entire week devoted to different waffle recipes.  i’m not a huge fan of waffles, but she really got me in the mood.  so here’s what i made on saturday morning.  and i don’t regret it ONE bit.

savory cheddar-chive waffles

  • this is so easy.  just put together a waffle mix according to the package.
  • add cheddar cheese, grated parm, chopped fresh chives, and two pieces of bacon, chopped.
  • mix together and introduce the mix to your waffle maker.
  • top with warm, natural maple syrup, an egg sunny-side up, and a couple extra pieces of bacon.

so glad i did that.


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