bananas. chocolate. walnuts. oh my!!

okay i stole this recipe from the website “SARAH BAKES”, and it looks like it’s a guest post from another blogger as well.  it’s so good that it keeps getting re-posted! but of course, i added some stuff.  well, i guess i just added chocolate chips, but it was BRILLIANT. gluten-free vegan banana-chocolate chip-walnut muffins 1 1/2 cups Sarah’s gluten free flour blend (if you’re looking for … Continue reading bananas. chocolate. walnuts. oh my!!

roasted red pepper dressing.

this dressing was made out of necessity.  i have been so behind on using our weekly organic food box, and there was so much veg in the fridge that i couldn’t think straight until it was all used! so i had two red peppers. and enough lettuce for an army of rabbits. here’s what i made: roasted red pepper salad dressing rub a little olive … Continue reading roasted red pepper dressing.