roasted red pepper dressing.

this dressing was made out of necessity.  i have been so behind on using our weekly organic food box, and there was so much veg in the fridge that i couldn’t think straight until it was all used!

so i had two red peppers.

and enough lettuce for an army of rabbits.

here’s what i made:

roasted red pepper salad dressing

  • rub a little olive oil on your red peppers and throw them on a cookie sheet pan.  roast them on a high temp, like 400 or 450, until you get black marks on the skin.  turn a couple times, if you remember.
  • take the peppers out and put in a ziplock or brown bag, or in a bowl, covered.  this will steam them so you can pull off the skins easily.  
  • while the peppers are steaming, throw some sliced almonds on that same dirty sheet pan and stick them in the oven for a few minutes.  watch them ~ they’ll burn!  might even want to crack the oven door…
  • peel the peppers and pull the meat away from the stem and seeds.  drop into a blender, along with the sliced almonds, a clove of garlic, some balsamic vinegar, some red wine vinegar, olive oil, a little honey or agave nectar (not sure you need this ~ the peppers are so sweet), S&P, and if you’re lucky enough to have some basil, add that.  i haven’t had basil this winter at all.  i just cannot afford the tiny little box of basil for $4, that lasts only a few days.  i cannot WAIT for spring, and bringing back my little window box basil garden.  even if your herbs are indoors, they just know it’s cold and nasty out there.  or at least mine do.

this dressing is so thick and creamy!  you might need to add some lemon juice to thin it out.  it’s a great solution if you are desperate for a creamy dressing, but don’t want to put unhealthy dressings on your lovely salad.


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