eggs and tomatoes.

this isn’t a recipe  ~ just a reminder.  don’t forget about the simple, rich decadence of eggs! i know we all have our “favorite way” to eat eggs, but at the risk of being bossy, you gotta try it like this.  just once. just a small dollop of coconut oil (maybe a teaspoon?) throw in two eggs and put a lid on the pan.  let … Continue reading eggs and tomatoes.

holy freezer week, batman!

last week was an entire week of cleaning out my fridge, and using pantry items, rather than going to the grocery store.  and the fridge looks awesome!  there’s a big jar of pickled homemade giardiniera, which i can’t wait to try!  and there’s literally nothing else.  so i’m going to the grocery store for just a few things ~ half and half for coffee, olive … Continue reading holy freezer week, batman!

when life deals you lemons…

make LIMONCELLO!!!!  YIPPEEEE!! i’m using the peels of the grammy award winning lemons from phoenix, the limoncello recipe from cortona, italy, and vodka from costco.  five or seven days it will sit and get to know each other.  then i’ll strain it and add a simple syrup. very excited! i juiced the lemons and put the juice in ice cube trays for a rainy day… … Continue reading when life deals you lemons…

lemons, lemons, lemons!

i feel like i just won the lottery!  last night, after rehearsal, my director (you know, the one with the grammy), gave me a bag of lemons from phoenix.  they had fallen off someone’s backyard tree, which makes me very jealous that i don’t have a tree in my backyard.  i only have a train in my backyard. these lemons smell so sweet and fragrant, … Continue reading lemons, lemons, lemons!

roasted beets tuesday.

today i ate the leftover mahi mahi and pineapple for lunch.  it was so filling and delicious, even cold! tonight, i have an hour in between teaching and rehearsal.  so i’ve already made some roasted beets, and have some marinated goat cheese from last week.  i’ll eat that with some lettuce and should be good to go! here’s how to make mouth-watering roasted beets: wash … Continue reading roasted beets tuesday.

mahi mahi monday.

to commemorate the countdown to april 15 (tax day, if you’ve been on mars), i have decided we will be living without a luxurious trip to the grocery store, until further notice. every pantry item will be used.  every vegetable and fruit consumed.  they might not be exciting dishes, but i will try to post what i make. so, there’s a ton of lettuce, thanks … Continue reading mahi mahi monday.

pesto dipping sauce.

it has been SO long since i have posted anything!  i haven’t been cooking much.  haven’t even been home to try.  it is a crazy performance season for me, and this week is even harder than previous weeks.  but i’m trying to spend some time doing things that energize me, instead of pushing through and killing myself.  it’s such a good decision.  this morning, i … Continue reading pesto dipping sauce.