pesto dipping sauce.

it has been SO long since i have posted anything!  i haven’t been cooking much.  haven’t even been home to try.  it is a crazy performance season for me, and this week is even harder than previous weeks.  but i’m trying to spend some time doing things that energize me, instead of pushing through and killing myself.  it’s such a good decision.  this morning, i am making a bunch of granola, i have a roast in the oven with fresh rosemary from my new hanging rosemary plant, and i have a great recipe to post for you!

this is a versatile pesto sauce that i have used as a salad dressing, and a marinade for two kinds of cheese.  i’ll explain further, but first, here’s the recipe!


  • in a blender or food processor, drop in the following:  flat leaf italian parsley, cilantro, basil, chives (or dill, or whatever you have), 2-3 cloves of garlic, walnuts or pine nuts, crushed red pepper flakes, salt and pepper, kalamata olives, juice of a lemon, and lots of olive oil.  keep adding the olive oil while blending, until you get a thinner consistency.
  • for a salad dressing:  add some more lemon juice or olive oil.
  • for a dipping sauce:  just pour into a pretty bowl and serve with focaccia!
  • for a marinade:  cut feta into large chunks or goat cheese medallions and toss gently with the pesto sauce.   refrigerate until ready to use.  (i made a salad yesterday and used the dressing version, and placed a few large chunks of marinated feta on top and it was divine!)  you can also marinate fish and poultry with this sauce.  it would be fantastic with shrimp.
  • you can also toss with fresh veggies and quinoa, or pasta.  yummmm.
  • it makes a great tabbouleh.

the possibilities are endless!  just make a nice big batch and keep using it until it’s gone.  it’s really healthy and bright and yummy!


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