roasted beets tuesday.

today i ate the leftover mahi mahi and pineapple for lunch.  it was so filling and delicious, even cold! tonight, i have an hour in between teaching and rehearsal.  so i’ve already made some roasted beets, and have some marinated goat cheese from last week.  i’ll eat that with some lettuce and should be good to go! here’s how to make mouth-watering roasted beets: wash … Continue reading roasted beets tuesday.

mahi mahi monday.

to commemorate the countdown to april 15 (tax day, if you’ve been on mars), i have decided we will be living without a luxurious trip to the grocery store, until further notice. every pantry item will be used.  every vegetable and fruit consumed.  they might not be exciting dishes, but i will try to post what i make. so, there’s a ton of lettuce, thanks … Continue reading mahi mahi monday.