mahi mahi monday.

to commemorate the countdown to april 15 (tax day, if you’ve been on mars), i have decided we will be living without a luxurious trip to the grocery store, until further notice.

every pantry item will be used.  every vegetable and fruit consumed.  they might not be exciting dishes, but i will try to post what i make.

so, there’s a ton of lettuce, thanks to my organic food box, a pineapple, a mango, some oranges and lemons, some frozen mahi mahi, and the stubby ends of some herbs.

here’s what i made:


  • defrost frozen mahi mahi in cold water.
  • wash and pat dry.  cover with salt and pepper.
  • grill in a grill pan on the stove with some coconut oil and chopped pineapple.  finish in a 400 degree oven, in a cast iron skillet.  maybe for 5-8 minutes.  just check it by cutting into one.  no biggie.



  • in a food processor, thrown in some herbs (parsley, basil, dill, cilantro, whatever you have.  even just the stems are great)
  • add garlic, salt and pepper, honey, olive oil, lemon juice and orange juice, and some of that chopped pineapple.  i love canned pineapple, but there is NOTHING like fresh.
  • blend it all and drizzle over greens, chopped pineapple, chopped mango, and whatever else you have!





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