lemons, lemons, lemons!

i feel like i just won the lottery!  last night, after rehearsal, my director (you know, the one with the grammy), gave me a bag of lemons from phoenix.  they had fallen off someone’s backyard tree, which makes me very jealous that i don’t have a tree in my backyard.  i only have a train in my backyard.

these lemons smell so sweet and fragrant, and i cannot WAIT to use them!  they’re very ripe and very soft, so i have to use them immediately.  like today.

here’s my plan:

  • peel the rinds and make limoncello!
  • juice them and freeze them in ice cube trays
  • save a couple for this week’s meals.
  • might be fun to make some kind of dessert, but i’m trying to be good till summer.  hmmm….

aren’t they beautiful?  they’re HUGE!

2 thoughts on “lemons, lemons, lemons!

  1. I just watched Ina Garten make “Engagement chicken” with lemons and onions. I’m drilling just thinking about it!

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