eggs and tomatoes.

this isn’t a recipe  ~ just a reminder.  don’t forget about the simple, rich decadence of eggs!

i know we all have our “favorite way” to eat eggs, but at the risk of being bossy, you gotta try it like this.  just once.

just a small dollop of coconut oil (maybe a teaspoon?)

throw in two eggs and put a lid on the pan.  let the eggs brown on the bottom and set on the top.  add some kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper, and snips some fresh chives over the top (i have a tiny little window herb garden, which i’ll be gloating about for the next few months!)

slide the eggs onto a plate and throw some chopped tomatoes into the pan.  add basil (more gloating), and salt and pepper.

and voila!  a lovely protein-filled breakfast!

you already know this, but i wanted to remind you of this easy, satisfying breakfast.  and i HIGHLY recommend you invest in a good quality unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil.  i bought mine at costco and it’s huge.  it lasts forever and is so good.  and good for you!


2 thoughts on “eggs and tomatoes.

  1. I remember your dad eating a can of whole tomatoes for a snack! Didn’t he put a spoon of sugar on it, too? I hadn’t thought of that in years, but your photo struck me. 😘Jenifoo

  2. You have such a great memory, Jenifoo! He did put sugar on it. It was actually a really good snack. Now I just cut up a fresh tomato, put salt and pepper on it, a dash of olive oil, and fresh basil if I have it. I probably eat one of those every night.
    The tradition lives on!

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