holy freezer week, batman!

last week was an entire week of cleaning out my fridge, and using pantry items, rather than going to the grocery store.  and the fridge looks awesome!  there’s a big jar of pickled homemade giardiniera, which i can’t wait to try!  and there’s literally nothing else.  so i’m going to the grocery store for just a few things ~ half and half for coffee, olive oil, popcorn, some farm-to-market bread.  that’s about it.  just the essentials.

what i want to do this week is tackle the freezer!  frozen peas, blueberries, fish, steak, lots of stuff to work with in there!

and i still have a pantry full of beans and grains.  there’s a huge canister of risotto.  hmmm.  risotto and salmon dinner tonight?  sounds good to me!

i’ll post the recipe and pics later!!!


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