hello, stranger.

oh food blog, i’ve missed you!  i’ve been working my tail off, and cooking a little, but not enough to report anything.

this weekend, the phoenix chorale joins the kansas city chorale in kc, and we perform and RECORD the rachmaninoff all-night vigil, which doesn’t last all night, but feels like it does.  it’s hard, y’all.  it’s gonna take a lot of energy ~ lots of patience in the recording, and lots of FOOD.  and we have a hungry bass staying on our couch as well.

so, i’m up early, making food for the whole weekend.  here’s the menu!

PULLED PORK WITH MANGO ~ made with fennel, cumin, garlic, mango chunks, molasses, etc.  it’s in the slow cooker right now and is smelling sooooo good.

PANCETTA/CHEDDAR SCONES ~ why not?  we deserve it!  i will post this recipe after i make them.  it’s the best scone recipe in the world.  i use the same one every time i make scones and they always turn out perfect.  i think the savory element is going to take it over the top.

GRANOLA ~ of course.

ANTIPASTI PASTA SALAD ~ a bit of an oxymoron, but you get the idea.  and this is an easy way to make a great pasta salad.  just take all the things you like about antipasti ~ salami, tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, cheese, asparagus ~ chop it up and toss it with your favorite pasta shape.  add balsamic vinegar, olive oil,  basil and oregano, and shower with parmesan cheese!

and i packed the fridge with fresh fruit, vegetables, and antipasti (leftover after making the pasta).  even though our guest has to sleep on the couch, he’ll just be that much closer to the fridge!

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