impromptu zucchini salad.

the hub said this was the “perfect meal”.  i’m not so sure about that, but i did really love this zucchini salad.  just thought i’d write it down before i forget what i did! ZUCCHINI SALAD shave a zucchini into thin slices, using a mandolin if you have one.  or use a veggie peeler or knife. add chopped pickled onions and a little of the … Continue reading impromptu zucchini salad.

chocolate peanut butter cups.

this is so easy and so satisfying!!!  super cute, too. CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS melt some dark chocolate in the microwave for a minute.  stir and microwave some more if needed.  make sure the chocolate is at least 70%.  the darker, the better for you. spray a mini muffin tin and drop in a little dab of chocolate in each cup, or just 5 or … Continue reading chocolate peanut butter cups.

zucchini “linguine” bolognese!!!

say THAT three times fast! i have been stewing over what this first post after the beautiful rome post was going to be.  i don’t wanna let anyone down with my crazy new diet. and then i made this last night, and the hub and i slurped it down on the couch while watching the boob toob.  and it was pretty amazing.  i thought this … Continue reading zucchini “linguine” bolognese!!!