curry chicken salad.

ooh laa laaaaaaa… where’s the wheat?  ha ha. you can eat this salad in a toasted pita and it’s really good, but who cares about bread when all this flavor can be wrapped up in a pretty little lettuce wrap? this is one the oldest recipes i have in my overgrown collection.  i first made it in my 20’s and it never gets old. CURRY … Continue reading curry chicken salad.

zucchini “linguine” bolognese!!!

say THAT three times fast! i have been stewing over what this first post after the beautiful rome post was going to be.  i don’t wanna let anyone down with my crazy new diet. and then i made this last night, and the hub and i slurped it down on the couch while watching the boob toob.  and it was pretty amazing.  i thought this … Continue reading zucchini “linguine” bolognese!!!