zucchini “linguine” bolognese!!!


say THAT three times fast!

i have been stewing over what this first post after the beautiful rome post was going to be.  i don’t wanna let anyone down with my crazy new diet.

and then i made this last night, and the hub and i slurped it down on the couch while watching the boob toob.  and it was pretty amazing.  i thought this would be the best first “i ain’t eatin’ pasta no’ mo'” post.

don’t worry ~ no tears here!  i’m feeling SO GOOD!  i highly recommend it!

enough chitter chatter ~ here’s the recipe!

ZUCCHINI LINGUINE BOLOGNESE (zoo-kee-nee/leen-gwee-nay/bo-lon-yay-zay)

ha ha ha.  that’s a new idea.  add the pronunciation.  i gotta use my masters somehow!

  • shave a couple zucchinis the long way.
  • heat up a frying pan with some olive oil and garlic (i had roasted garlic.  but whatever you got!)
  • drop the zucchini in and stir fry it for a few minutes.
  • meanwhile, heat up some marinara sauce or meat sauce, or whatever you have.  i don’t mean to brag, but i had a container of homemade bolognese in the freezer.  lordy, lordy.  mighty good.  (is this really a diet?)
  • need that bolognese sauce recipe?  yes, you DO need that.  i think it’s on the blog somewhere.  i’ll check.
  • plate up the zucchini and top with lots of sauce (drown it with sauce, really).
  • top with shaved parm and slurp away.

the hub did not miss the pasta, and i didn’t have to unbutton my pants and lie down on my tummy in agony.  YESSSSS….

by the way, i received two very sweet comments, and i want to say THANK YOU!   i love getting those comments ~ i love hearing what’s going on with you in your kitchens.  it’s very inspiring!!!  love to all of you!

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