antipasti salad w/basil balsamic vinaigrette.

aaaaaah.  i really needed that for lunch.  so satisfying.   i made this lovely salad for a party yesterday, and made it extra large, so that we could keep some at home for us.  i’m SO glad i did that!  i didn’t get any at the party ~ it was devoured before i could get to it.   it is a beautiful salad, that’s for … Continue reading antipasti salad w/basil balsamic vinaigrette.

poco’s on the boulevard.

review #2!  this is the sweetest little mexican cafe on southwest boulevard.  it is so adorable on the inside, and serves up such lovely, classy dishes. poco’s is located by the quick trip on southwest boulevard. here’s the website… here’s a picture of my delicious tamales!!! aren’t they gorgeous?  the green one was veggie, tomatillo salsa, and goat cheese.  SOOOO GOOOOOD.  the red one was … Continue reading poco’s on the boulevard.

running group!

i have a friend who’s a runner.  i mean, like, a half-marathon, run-on-your-wedding-day runner.  well, she didn’t run on her wedding day, but i know she wanted to. i’m a i-can’t-believe-i-made-it-around-the-block-without-stopping runner.  and i need heart pounding, fist pumping music.  she runs with no music.  that is a true runner, y’all. she told me last night that she wants to form a running group on saturday … Continue reading running group!