lately i’ve been pretty slow at posting new recipes.  i’ve been traveling, living, napping, cleaning and organizing our loft, and yes, i have been cooking and baking.  but i’m not posting much because i’m going through a couple transitions.

i’ve been off wheat/grains/gluten for almost two months now!  and it has been amazing.  so much easier than i thought it would be.  i’m not a person with strong will power, so to refrain from something that is literally EVERYWHERE seemed a little overwhelming to me.  but it really has been wonderful.  and if i get a moment of weakness, which usually means the hub wants pizza, i just get the gluten-free crust and it feeds the beast!  i’ve only done that twice in the last two months, so things are really going well, so far.

and the biggest motivation?  i feel amazing.  i haven’t been able to successfully digest food since i was 5 or 6 years old, so you can imagine how much i don’t care about pasta or bread, when i’m able to simply digest food every day, and never feel sick after eating.  plus, there are SO MANY fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses to be obsessed about!!!!  and the “WHEAT BELLY” cookbook has some recipes for biscuits and cookies, to tide you over when you feel like you need something like that.  i have a batch of biscuits made with almond flour and coconut flour, and i keep them in my freezer, pop one in the microwave, and have that occasionally for breakfast.

so far, so good!!!

but now it’s time for me to cut out something else that is going to be significantly more difficult: SUGAR.  i bought the book “I QUIT SUGAR” by sarah wilson ~ ~ and am getting acquainted with the rules.  so this next step is going to be slow but worth it, i believe.

this book gets a little more intense.  but i’m ready.  i’m to the point where i have a little bit of sugar, and i instantly regret it.  my body freaks out on me!  so sarah wilson says it takes 2 months to completely detox from sugar.  i think it’ll take me less.  in the last few years, i’ve quit sugar for the most part.  i mostly stopped eating bread and pastries, stopped sweetening my coffee and tea, i’ve never enjoyed soda, no fruit juice, no white sugar in home-baked goods, no bbq sauce, etc.  i wasn’t perfect with it, but i definitely got things started.

she’s also saying it’s not that you’re never going to eat sugar again.  it’s just to detox your body from it.  that way, when it’s christmas or your birthday, you can celebrate with a little sugar and then go back to your clean ways after.  no biggie!  just get the addiction out of your system and live clean until those special moments.  i like that idea a lot!

speaking of birthdays ~ my 41st birthday will be two months from now, give or take a few days.  so that’s my goal date:  I WILL REFRAIN FROM SUGAR UNTIL OCTOBER 9.

i will post recipes galore!  this blog, and you, can be my accountability partners!  if you see any salted caramel brownies posted in the near future, feel free to make snide comments!!!!  ha ha!

if anyone else is interested in this challenge, please let me know and we’ll do this together!!!


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