our loft.

my hub and i have a loft.  it is really, really cool.  it is also the bane of my existence.  there’s not one single right angle in the whole darn place.  the longest wall in the main room has four of the biggest windows i’ve ever seen. there’s one bedroom.  ONE bedroom.  did i mention i’m married?  to thor?  and we share this space somehow. … Continue reading our loft.

cocoa/cinnamon almonds.

this no sugar thing has me begging for snack time all day long!  and it’s only been, ahem, i think 2 days?  yikes.  and i haven’t been perfect.  i drank white wine, which is allowed if it’s super dry.  and it was!  but i don’t really believe that can be okay.  honestly.  i also had tacos at taco republic, and the salsa was really sweet. … Continue reading cocoa/cinnamon almonds.