our loft.

my hub and i have a loft.  it is really, really cool.  it is also the bane of my existence.  there’s not one single right angle in the whole darn place.  the longest wall in the main room has four of the biggest windows i’ve ever seen.

there’s one bedroom.  ONE bedroom.  did i mention i’m married?  to thor?  and we share this space somehow.  mostly because he is very, very laid back.

i wish i had been posting blogs about this loft for the last 3 years.  what a transformation this place has made!  and on a shoe string budget.  it’s easy to think of expensive things to rock this space out.  it’s a little harder when you don’t have a dime to spend on it.  but we’re continuing to figure it out.  either that, or it’s starting to wear us down.


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