the hall.

this is the prettiest hall i’ve ever seen.  of course i would say that, since my favorite color is orange.  i had orange carpet in my first bedroom, and i still love the color to this day.

IMG_0262this black counter on the right was a larger cabinet, and our amazing friend keith cut it to custom fit our shoes. ain’t that sweeeet?  the first step in having a wonderful home is having wonderful friends who fill the home with laughter and love.





i think that color is sunset orange.  the closet door on the right wall is literally one of TWO closets in our loft.

i hear gasps all over the land.

this closet houses winter coats, vintage clothing, tools, desk supplies, gift wrapping materials, and luggage.  i mean ~ i know people who have separate closets and rooms for each of those things!!

i have some more seriously type-a plans for this closet.  maybe some day i’ll show you the inside.


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