cheese for dessert.

the book i’m reading, I QUIT SUGAR, by sarah wilson, recommends cheese for dessert, instead of sweet anything. so the hub and i tried it last night. this is maytag blue cheese, with candied pecan pieces, and raw honey from amish country in southern missouri. here’s how to make those pecan pieces: throw the pecans in a pan with some coconut oil, cinnamon, vanilla, and … Continue reading cheese for dessert.


it’s only fitting that i begin my little KC restaurant review section with my favorite place in town ~ PT’S COFFEE.  it’s in the crossroads district, on southwest boulevard, just east of broadway.  incredible coffee ~ maybe the best in town… fantastic food ~ their breakfast menu has a variety of egg sandwiches and quiche, but they will make any version of eggs, cheese and … Continue reading PT’S COFFEE.