cheese for dessert.

the book i’m reading, I QUIT SUGAR, by sarah wilson, recommends cheese for dessert, instead of sweet anything.

so the hub and i tried it last night.

this is maytag blue cheese, with candied pecan pieces, and raw honey from amish country in southern missouri.

IMG_0268here’s how to make those pecan pieces:

throw the pecans in a pan with some coconut oil, cinnamon, vanilla, and seasoning of your choice (i use jack stack seasoning salt).  you don’t need sugar because the coconut oil, vanilla and cinnamon will do the job for you.  cook the pecans till they start to brown and smell very fragrant.  don’t leave them alone!  they’ll burn the second you turn your back on them!

i’m not supposed to have honey during the 8-week detox phase, but it was so good with the cheese, and so worth it.  i’ll make sure to have nothing sweet today to make up for my sins.  🙂

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