it’s only fitting that i begin my little KC restaurant review section with my favorite place in town ~ PT’S COFFEE.

IMG_0265 it’s in the crossroads district, on southwest boulevard, just east of broadway.  incredible coffee ~ maybe the best in town…

IMG_0266fantastic food ~ their breakfast menu has a variety of egg sandwiches and quiche, but they will make any version of eggs, cheese and meat for you, without the bread.  they’re very accommodating.  they also have a killer lunch menu.

IMG_0264the service is great.  very nice people who remember your name if you go in there as much as we do. they take great pride in their coffee artistry, with a slow bar/pour over style which is all the rage right now, and a brand new beautiful espresso machine (see it?  it’s white).  the coffee is nutty and rich, and they don’t wince when you order decaf espresso drinks.  how sweet.

IMG_0263there are lots of community tables, so there’s an atmosphere of camaraderie, and it seems like lots of people meet there for business meetings, which is a great idea.  yesterday, the hub and i stayed and each did some work on the computer, and the table next to us was meeting with a wedding planner and photographer.

since this cafe is located in the crossroads district, they celebrate FIRST FRIDAYS, which is an event i hope to cover and report on each month, if i’m able.  so stay tuned for that!

learn all about the PT’S COFFEE ROASTING COMPANY at

and let’s all like them on facebook as well, shall we?





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