champagne grape crumble.

today, i am celebrating the end of the first week of quitting sugar.  it was a rocky week, i have to admit.  i had cravings all week.  and this is coming from a person who has already given up gluten, refined sugar, and even whole grains.  this sugar addiction thing is REAL.  i lay in bed every night, unable to sleep, thinking about the juicy apple that i’d like to be eating, or just a piece of dark chocolate.  just a piece!

but the whole idea of this sugar detox is to remove the cravings completely from your system.  she’s not saying fruit is bad ~ she’s just saying our bodies really only can handle one or two pieces of fruit a day, at the most.  if you add honey here, soda there, sugary snacks off and on, you officially are eating too much sugar.  that’s how quickly it adds up.

so this week, i definitely drizzled some honey, but not every day.  that’s a big difference!  and i didn’t eat a piece of fruit every day, like i usually do.  i usually eat 3 or 4 pieces of fruit a day.  so that’s an improvement.

but let me tell you ~ it’s hard.  it’s way harder than cutting the wheat and whole grains out.  but i’m going to stick to it, because i honestly believe we eat too much sugar/fructose.  and i want the occasional treat to be enjoyable, not desperately needed at the usual 3 o’clock slump.

the nice thing about sarah wilson’s book ~ I QUIT SUGAR ~ is that she gives you recipes to try each week of your 8-week detox journey.  that way you can have little victories each week by substituting different cravings with healthy choices. it’s distracting, which helps!  and i like her recipes a lot.

since i made it through the first week ~ not perfect, mind you, but i did okay ~ i’m going to treat myself to a crumble!

this is a crumble with no sugar.  but it’s loaded with decadent, sexy, champagne grapes, and a buttery, nutty topping.

here’s a picture of the naked grapes, before the yummy crumble topping covers them up…


aren’t they adorable?  they’re super tiny and bursting with flavor.  they’re very sweet, so no need to dress them up with any sugar.  they were an impulse buy last week at trader joe’s, before i started the no-sugar diet, so i really wanted to use them before they went south.

here’s the next step ~ the crumble topping.  here’s how you make it:

  • cut some butter into cubes.  i don’t know how much.  you can’t really get this wrong.  i mean, it’s butter.  just do what you think is best…
  • add almond meal, ground flax meal, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, chopped walnuts or pecans, and brown rice syrup (which is the only sweetener sarah wilson really recommends to use, outside of stevia, which i don’t like).
  • mix together and top the grapes.
  • 400 degrees until brown and bubbling.  i love those two words!

here’s the raw topping…

IMG_0273okay, now i’m waiting impatiently for them to come out of the oven.  the whole house smells so good.  i earned this.

aaaand 30 minutes later…

wow, the finished product turned out so much better than i thought it would!!!  and way too sweet, after a week of being sugar free.  i couldn’t finish mine, but it was so good!!!  you gotta try this!



2 thoughts on “champagne grape crumble.

  1. This looks delicious – I gotta try it. Don’t know if I can find brown rice syrup in JC but I’ll look.

    Love the blog.

    1. you’d love this recipe! brown rice syrup should be in the health food section of hy-vee. they have everything! and it’s only $5 for a good-sized jar. i only put a tablespoon of syrup in my topping, and it really came out too sweet. i hope you try it!

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