running group!

i have a friend who’s a runner.  i mean, like, a half-marathon, run-on-your-wedding-day runner.  well, she didn’t run on her wedding day, but i know she wanted to.

i’m a i-can’t-believe-i-made-it-around-the-block-without-stopping runner.  and i need heart pounding, fist pumping music.  she runs with no music.  that is a true runner, y’all.

she told me last night that she wants to form a running group on saturday mornings.  EUREKA!!!!  just what i’ve been hoping for!

i’m so excited!  but i literally need to train this week, so i can keep up.  i’m sure i’ll have the shortest legs in the group, and will probably be the oldest, too.  hurrumph.  so i decided to run my little path this morning (around union station), and not stop, no matter what.  i usually run way too fast, and burn out early in.  i walk for a while, then run the last 1/3.

well, it was a 20-25 minute run, and i did the whole thing!


the other interesting thing ~ i pushed a wrong button on my pandora stations and got the “take 6” station, instead of my usual dubstep or hip hop.  so i even got a little church up in that run!! woot woot!

do you have a goal you’d like to share?  please comment!  we all have to start somewhere, so if your goal is to simply park in the most faraway parking spot at target, i applaud you!!!  please tell us!

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