so, i took a couple days off after the saturday running group.  sunday and monday.  that’s all.  and this morning’s run, well, i couldn’t finish.  it was super painful, all over.  i had to stop and walk the last .3 of my 1.5 mile path.  almost made it to the end, but i felt like i was going to hurt myself if i kept going.  i even saw my reflection in a store window and my form was terrible ~ my belly was hanging out, butt extended, slouched over.

so as i did my walk of shame (not really, i’m overdramatizing), i realized that on sunday, i had half a piece of white, crusty baguette at LA BODEGA, this awesome spanish tapas place.  HALF a piece.  that’s one bite.  i also had sangria, which is pretty sweet.  so sugar and wheat.  and my joints are killing me.  my ankles are swollen and i’m just now returning to my normal breathing, 10 minutes after getting home.

people, this wheat/sugar thing is REAL.  if you’re feeling aches in your joints, draggy or lethargic, and depressed, i urge you to consider not eating wheat or sugar for a week or two, and just see what happens.

i would start with wheat.  it’s not that bad, really.  just eat eggs for breakfast, not eggs and toast.  salad for lunch, meat and veggies for dinner.  there are so many snacks you can have ~ popcorn, dark chocolate, fruit, you can even make that crumble i posted.  you don’t have to stop living.  in my case, i feel like i’ve just started living!  and this morning really proved.  i don’t ever want to feel like this again.

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