poco’s on the boulevard.

review #2!  this is the sweetest little mexican cafe on southwest boulevard.  it is so adorable on the inside, and serves up such lovely, classy dishes.

poco’s is located by the quick trip on southwest boulevard.

here’s the website…http://pocosontheblvd.com/

here’s a picture of my delicious tamales!!!


aren’t they gorgeous?  the green one was veggie, tomatillo salsa, and goat cheese.  SOOOO GOOOOOD.  the red one was the original pork with red sauce.  also fantastic. and those soupy beans.  aaah ~ those soupy beans.

by the way, if you ever want the best beans on the planet, go to any mexican restaurant and order the “soupy beans”.  one time i went to a mexican restaurant and i asked the server, “what do you eat at the end of a long shift?  cuz’ that’s what i want.”

soupy beans.

listen, i just do what i’m told.

but they’re SO good.  like mom’s beans and cornbread.  well, MY mom’s beans and cornbread.

anyway, back to poco’s!  it’s so sweet in there.  the servers are so nice, the music is nice, the salsa is super fresh, the chips are warm, and those tamales are gorgeous.  there’s a fusion feel to the food.  they combine authentic mexican ingredients with a little updated twist to them.  for instance, here’s one of those interesting twists:

Orange-chipotle pork with salsa verde, served with lettuce “tortillas,” rice, & beans 
yum!!!  and they have plaintain chips with guacamole.  i’m dying to try those!

each dish is served in a classy way, which i think is a little something different for mexican food.  don’t get me wrong ~ there is nothing more beautiful than a pile of enchiladas on a silver plate that’s been bubbling in a hot oven!  but this food is served on pretty, white, square plates.

the server says that sundays are packed in there for brunch.  i’d love to try their brunch!  maybe this weekend.  anyone with me?

if you go, tell me what you think!


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