wheat belly.

so, i’ve been doing this no-wheat, no-sugar thing for a while, and i thought it’d be nice to summarize what i’ve learned so far.  the book can be a little overwhelming, but that’s just because the author wants and needs to be thorough.  but if you really take it down to the basics, it’s actually not that hard.  in the end ~ sometimes wheat products … Continue reading wheat belly.

zucchini carpaccio.

  mmmmmm….. have i posted this gem already?  this is one of the most surprisingly delicious dishes i’ve ever had.  there’s a chemical reaction that happens between the lemon juice, the salt, and the zucchini.  it’s incredible.  i’ve been known to polish off an entire plate of these without stopping.  sounds like me. zucchini carpaccio (zoo-kee-nee car-paw-cho) there ~ your italian lesson is over.  hee … Continue reading zucchini carpaccio.