wheat belly.

so, i’ve been doing this no-wheat, no-sugar thing for a while, and i thought it’d be nice to summarize what i’ve learned so far.  the book can be a little overwhelming, but that’s just because the author wants and needs to be thorough.  but if you really take it down to the basics, it’s actually not that hard.  in the end ~ sometimes wheat products overshadow flavorful and more expensive ingredients.  that doesn’t make sense, does it?

so, i thought i’d give a little rundown of the new choices i’m making for each meal of the day, including dessert and snacks. i’m not completely NO sugar at this point.  but i’ve pulled way back from my usual.  

this doesn’t mean that you can’t have that wedding cake or pumpkin pie on thanksgiving!  how many weddings are you going to?  and there’s only one thanksgiving day.  just think about changing what you eat every regular day of the week.

BREAKFAST:  often the hardest to wrap your brain around not having wheat.  here’s what i’ve been doing.

  • eggs, duh.  but eggs with lots of veggies in them, adding pesto, goat cheese, feta, whatever you like.  really flesh it out.  i’m going to try poached eggs this weekend!
  • fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.  so incredibly delicious.  add ricotta insalata and you have a fresh, savory breakfast.  here’s a pic…


…or, have that as a side with the eggs.  

  • this is a big one ~ the author of WHEAT BELLY recommends we eat leftovers from yesterday’s lunch or dinner, and don’t rule out “regular” daytime food for breakfast.  great idea!  breakfast doesn’t have to be eggs, bacon and toast, or the worst ~ empty cereal.  you could take leftover chicken and heat it up, and eat it with those tomatoes and cukes, and it would be so satisfying.  or cut up that chicken and put it in your eggs!  it’ll take a little getting used to, because morning is a routine-obsessive time.  if you’ve had oatmeal every morning for the last 15 years, it might be a little strange to change it to protein.  but try it.  after you get used to it, your stomach will not growl before 11:30.  i swear.  it’s amazing.
  • there are also some great substitute bread recipes in WHEAT BELLY.  i make these biscuits that i freeze and pop a few in the microwave when i’m feeling like i just need a quick fix.  they’re made of almond flour and flax seed and coconut flour.  they’re great in a pinch!  i’m going to try some more of those recipes this weekend and post the outcome!

LUNCH:  this is easier.  except for sandwiches.  but here’s the scoop on that…

  • if you go out for lunch, and the menu has a million sandwiches, just order a sandwich without the bread.  it’s the cheapest meat and veggie dish you can get.  even burgers are great without bread.  i prefer it, because i can eat the entire piece of protein and feel full and satisfied.  the bread gets in the way of the flavor, too.  in my opinion.
  • salads.  easy.
  • soups.  just be careful that they aren’t thickened with gluten.
  • if you like tuna, cut up a cucumber, make your tuna salad, and use the cucumber as a cracker.  
  • chicken salad sandwiches ~ perfect for lettuce wraps!  
  • my mom just mentioned a really good idea, and i have to share it!  do you love BLT’s?  make a BLT salad!  bacon and tomatoes with spinach or nice dark leaf lettuce and top with ranch dressing.  yum!  it’s not the most healthy thing ever, but what we’re going for is NO WHEAT.  you can get squeaky clean later…

see how easy?  you don’t have to worry about where you’re going for lunch, either.  you can do this anywhere!


  • there’s a cracker recipe made with flax and seeds in the book, and i’m going to try that this weekend.  snacks are about crunch sometimes, and although celery and carrots have the greatest crunch on earth, you might not feel like that every single day.  
  • you can have celery or apples with peanut butter.  don’t forget about that!  or celery with dip.  you can make an easy ranch dip with a ranch packet, tofutti cream cheese and plain yogurt.  divine!
  • mixed nuts.  buy everything raw and toss with olive oil, cinnamon and seasoning salt.  roast in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes and voila!  
  • okay, i LOVE this one.  i use this for lunches too.  halve an avocado and scoop out the flesh in one piece.  sprinkle with lime juice and sea salt.  eat like that, or fill the middle with tuna and top with cracked black pepper and cumin.  aaaaagh.  i’m so hungry just writing this post.  that is SO good.  you’ve got to try it.
  • did you know that popcorn stays pretty fresh in a ziplock?  make a batch of popcorn on the stove using olive oil and topping with coconut oil and sea salt, or add cinnamon and honey if you crave sweet over salty.  divide the popcorn into snack-sized ziplock bags and take one to work each day until they’re gone.  the popcorn stays nice all week, and it’s way better than microwave popcorn with that powdered stuff all over it.  

DINNER:  this seems like the easiest to me, because you can count on a nice big piece of protein, a salad and a veggie.  

  • we’ve been grilling frozen mahi mahi (from costco) in my grill pan, and adding pesto (also from costco) at the end.  you can do the same with chicken.
  • stir fry veggies.  yum.
  • salads.
  • soups.
  • potatoes!  do it!  you’re eliminating a toxic substance from your body.  REWARD yourself with things you always heard you shouldn’t eat ~ like potatoes!

DESSERTS:  i’ve been laying off these completely.  but here’s my go-to list if i can’t take it.

  • a couple squares of dark chocolate.
  • you can dip that chocolate in peanut butter.  filling.  and good!
  • popcorn with cinnamon, honey and coconut oil on top.
  • hot tea with natural sweetness ~ like rooibos, chai, or licorice tea.  or add a little honey.  you’re doing so well ~ it’s okay to have a little honey!
  • a glass of wine and a special cheese, like maytag blue.  that’s for special nights!
  • an apple.  you won’t believe how sweet it tastes if you’re not eating boxed cookies or refined sugar treats.
  • cocoa dusted almonds.  here’s the recipe.  http://pixyskansascity.com/2014/08/06/cocoacinnamon-almonds/

anyway, there are so many more ideas.  but i wanted to share a few with you, during this great transformation.  i can’t wait for fall food!!!  stay tuned!



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