ça va ~ a champagne bar.

this is a sweet little find.  pronounced “sah~vaaaah”, it’s a somewhat hidden, unassuming gem, but keep looking for it ~ it’s a very quiet, lovely place.  


off the beaten path, this champagne bar is past blanc burgers, past californo’s, keep walking, keep walking, and it’s this cute little place on the east side of pennsylvania street, just down from port fonda.


we went there friday night, the hub and some friends and i.  it was chilly and rainy outside, so these pictures are a little dark and gloomy.


but this is the perfect place for a glass of champagne and charcuterie platter, when it’s yucky out.  i think it would be lovely for a girls’ night out, too! 

for more info: http://www.westportkcmo.com/locations/drinks/ca-va-champagne-bar/


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