le toilette.


ladies and gentleman…our toilet.  i’m so glad i could share this special place with you.

but seriously, i just wanted to show you the cool paper chandelier i bought in this cute little kitschy shop in minnesota over the summer.  here’s a closer look!


it looks like something from the bottom of the ocean!

i also like the orange glow from the hall, and the way it plays with the cool blue-green glass vanity and sink.  awesome.

i just love that the all-important porcelain throne in our loft can be beautifully lit by a chandelier.  i mean, doesn’t everyone need a chandelier in their bathroom?

especially if you only have ONE bathroom????

i’m not whining ~ this bathroom is so lovely, and i’m so lucky to have it.

i have to hurry up and finish this “loft” page ~ we might not be in loftland too much longer…

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