calling all foodies!

last night i had the pleasure of hanging out with some pretty darn incredible women.  we went to EXTRA VIRGIN, the vibrant, sexy younger sister of the famous MICHAEL SMITH restaurant, both located next door to each other in the crossroads district.

normally, i would dive right into the description of every bite we had, and every drink we sipped.  but instead, i HAVE to tell you about another food blog!!  when i bashfully admitted to the table that i am a, ahem, blogger (blush), another girl said, “ME TOO”!!!

and….she’s gluten free!!!!!

here’s the blog:

it’s so pretty, and the food looks amazing!  you gotta check it out!!!



One thought on “calling all foodies!

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m so happy I know about your blog now! We have to hang out again soon! I love the KC reviews – such a great idea. Thank you for your kind words, Sarah. 🙂

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