tomatoes. that’s all.

there are friends.

there are really great friends.

and then, there are really great friends who give you tomatoes from their garden.


ooh laa laaaaa….

no recipe attached.  i just wanted to remind you of how easy and healthy an afternoon snack can be.  for me, today, it was a precursor to a bowl of soup.  here’s my version of heaven…

  • a few grape tomatoes from a friend’s garden (and i WILL NOT tell you who they are, or where they live.  you can’t have these friends ~ they’re MINE)
  • a dollop of creamy, fresh goat cheese
  • a drizzle of olive oil infused with herbes de provence
  • lightly sprinkle with smoked sea salt (made by the same amazing friends) and fresh cracked black pepper

i hope you have friends this generous!

now, what to do for dinner…

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